God me loves me just the way I am.

Yes, that’s true. But I am really getting tired seeing this truth that the church has always believed bandied about as an justification for social and sexual behaviour that the church has never accepted. It’s just poor theology people! God loves me the way I am, so much that he doesn’t want me to stay the way that I am. That’s what’s true for people of all sexualities.


2 thoughts on “God me loves me just the way I am.

  1. How do you know that people in church are truly transformed people, i mean they can look good from the outside but what is beneath the glossy veneer. A person can have the most perfect knowledge about theology and doctrine and not have Christ in their life and that’s a fact..

    I mean try and tell an young teenager lets say from some third world country, that has never ever tasted love, or what it means to be loved, maybe their parents are dead, maybe their life is survival of the fittest. Then you come along with the gospel that says you must love God and keep his Commandments which i am not against mind you.

    Tell me then how can he love God who he cannot see, also he doesn’t even know what love is. how can he love?

    Simple answer is that he or she must first be loved.. In the 1st John 4:19 it says that we love because He first loved us.. So two things one can say about that scripture is that the writer
    formally admits that he never loved God, but in turn when God loved him, he in response loves.

    And if you love him then you will keep His commands..

    God wants us to be faithful to him out of love, not out of a sense of duty, or fear..

    The only way this happens is when we are loved by Him.

    Peace have a great day…

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