Blue Valentine

Amazing acting, depressing fim.

Documenting the move in one couple’s relationship from heady days in love when they would have done anything for each other, to twisting anger that lies just beneath the skin –  it’s devastating. Love can’t last according to this film  – although, as a small concession, it’s clear that the land mines were laid at the beginning of the relationship and only exploded later.

The heartbreaking moment for me was when the husband pleads with his wife not to send him because of their marriage vows. In the world of the film I found myself agreeing with her – the marriage is so miserable, why should she keep her promises.

In real life, that’s not what I think. Convictions come before preferences, and so many difficult issues in life boil down to whether I think that’s true.

Had I been them, that would have been a very hard principle to apply.  And what the film does make clear is that you can’t just introduce that at the last minute, when the edifice is about to tumble.

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